Forth Green Freeport is Scotland’s largest opportunity to deliver a just transition to net zero, to attract significant inward investment, to build international trade and export capability, and to create high quality and well paid jobs. New technology backed skills development will address areas of acute deprivation within our communities.

The bid consortium comprises of both private and public organisations who together can deliver Forth Green Freeport’s vision. They include:

Delivering a just transition for Scotland’s industrial heartland, will allow the nation to be at the forefront of the developing offshore wind and alternative fuels sectors. It will create Scotland’s largest offshore wind marshalling and manufacturing hub.

The area around Forth Green Freeport generates 40% of Scotland’s industrial emissions today. We will address this to achieve the 2045 net zero target, without damaging the economy of Scotland.

Forth Green Freeport will accelerate our expertise in shipbuilding and capitalise on the existing collaboration between industry and academia, delivering progress in advanced manufacturing and automation.

Investments will stimulate growth in trade, providing expanded logistics and trade capacity for existing and emerging industries including advanced modular systems, biofuels, hydrogen and carbon capture, e-commerce, pharmaceuticals and storage, as well as support additional R&D capability and green incubator space to drive SME and start-up business growth.

Our focused investments and joint ambition will minimise the risk of a net zero shift for workers in the petrochemicals sector, provide a hot bed for innovation and create well paid, high quality jobs in some of the most deprived areas of Scotland, addressing the need for wealth retention and place creation in areas closest to industrial activity.

Experience gained in delivering a successful freeport, large areas of underdeveloped industrial land and credible investors will allow delivery at pace. Forth Green Freeport is projected to benefit industrial clusters and communities well beyond its boundary. Improving social and transport infrastructure for local communities by re-investing the benefits of the green freeport into a place-based dedicated fund.

Drawing on the nation’s rich industrial heritage and skills base, we will use the skills of today to create the knowledge of tomorrow.

Without an accelerated green pathway for the nation’s industrial cluster, skills and people will drain from the system.

View the video below to find out more about Scotland’s largest and best located Renewables Energy Hub: